Sunday, October 19, 2014

Black EbOILa - Unsealed Alien Files S01E06 Alien Plagues


[0001] The invention provides the isolated human Ebola (hEbola) viruses denoted as Bundibugyo (EboBun) deposited with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ("CDC";...)
from here, the actual patent for Ebola

Monsanto and D.O.D. get in in Ebola "deal"

Alien Viruses and Recognizing Ourselves As Such?An analysis of the fictional cross roads between the black oil virus in fiction and real life. David Griffin, Miles Johnston, and I have pioneered this outside of fiction as well as wound together the connections in fiction to illustrate to those who may have trouble imagining these sorts of phenomenon
This blog will also briefly address the media's obsession between black oil, possession, and a separate but equally viral computer possession. (As in the movie Virus and the X-Files show and movie) Artificial Intelligence, "Alien" or "Artificial" Intelligence is on the rise and these things blend together quite easily...much like super soldiers and abductees.
Here's more questions I think are worth pondering but have no time to expand upon here:
  • That our reality is a computer simulation (the Matrix, Thirteenth Floor, Truman Show (sort of)
  • That someone or something controls us and the simulation (Dark City, the Matrix, Thirteenth Floor )
  • That aliens are robots or human created PLFs (programmed life forms)
 "Species is destructive, invasive, noxious, harmful to the whole.  "What species?
 "Man... You are virus."        ―Quote from the movie Virus
Terminator is quite interesting because he is traveling time to assassinate someone for the good of mankind. Some think that different paranormal entities have the will to do this as well. There is also a concern that the Nazis mastered this and formed out current world...
 Oil Man-Orang Minyak
What's the link between normal Earth oil and all this stuff?
( Prometheus and the X-Files )
                                   Spider Man and the Alien Black Goo Virus

Nanotechnology and Aliens (Alien Viruses whether technological or not) Earth 2 Alien Viruses and Nanotechnology Virus Hollywood Programming:  Outbreak: "The animal carries a deadly virus...and the greatest medical crisis in the world is about to happen"
                                                 "MAINTAIN THE QUARANTINE!!!!"
"DOOMSDAY:  Mankind Has An Expiration Date"
" Solve a Problem Start a Nightmare!! "
"The Terror Experiment" "They cause it Now They Must KILL IT.... Mary's Monkey:
 James Fetzer: more on Mary's Monkey More Reading on Mary's Monkey from the official website Experimental Monkeys in COD: Black Ops below from Star Trek: TNG
Links: Alistair Martin Interviewed by Miles Johnston Top 10 Movie Outbreaks Other Videos which expand in different directions on my central point Other similarities between the abductees, the fiction, X-Files and Aliens franchise 


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